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To meet our customers’ strict quality and hygiene requirements, we operate according to the ISO standards 22000 and 14001. Standardized processes and procedures ensure a consistent quality and efficiency. The core points: personal hygiene, environment, traceability and a highly specific risk identification and assessment.



Our own product development department is constantly looking for new innovative solutions. Over the years, we have implemented many (patented) product improvements. Here, we focused on the following: The optimum realization of the customer’s requests. Our motto: We give an injection to your product.


Our production facilities comply with state-of-the-art technology. In each process step that requires energy, we have applied the most energy-saving solutions. The cooling system consists of a combination of dry coolers and chilled water units with an above-average COP (Coefficient of Performance). We use the residual heat to cool and heat our office and storage rooms. The production wastes are 100 % recycled and we exclusively use green power.