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Flexographic and gravure printing – high quality in up to 10 colors.

Our transparent top webs are able to refine up to 10 colors in flexographic and gravure prints of high quality. Depending on the customer’s request and the application, we use OPA, OPP or PET as carrier material.

These materials can be refined in sandwich printing or surface printing with printing lacquer.

The standardized sealing materials of PE, PP or “reseal“ enable the use in all known industries for all inert gas and vacuum packagings.

Also hard films ( APET/PE ) are refined by us with flexographic printing in high quality.

Use of our printed films:

  • Top film for protective gas packaging (MAP)
  • Flexible films for vacuum packaging
  • Tubular bag film
  • Seal bag
  • Shrink bag
  • Hard films for MAP

Also smaller quantities are interesting for us!

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