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Less is more: Save work steps, reduce costs, increase yields

Less packaging, more profit all along the line: EasyLid® combines hermetic sealing and lid closure in one single step, demonstrating maximum efficiency in the packaging process. In an innovative sealing process, sealing film and lid ring of the patented EasyLid® cup will be hermetically sealed in one go. The highlight: The first opening creates a resealable lid that enables the consumer-friendly storage of the packed product.

Here is the maths of EasyLid®:

• Lower investment costs:

Lid system not necessary thanks to unique

system that combines foil and lid

• Time and space saving:

Cup and lid closure in one go

• Cost reduction:

Saving of packaging material and weight,

Transport and storage costs

• Image improvement:

More sustainability as true reason to buy

No matter if it is used for specialty foods, convenience food, snacks or sweets – EasyLid® demonstrates an excellent machinability on all tray sealers of the SEALPAC A series, is MAP capable and

suitable for hot and cold filling for packaging the most varied products.

This convinces experts:

The innovative EasyLid® process was nominated for the German Packaging Prize in 2012 and received several awards in packaging competitions.

EasyLid® is a registered brand of Sealpac GmbH

EasyLid® can be used on all equipment of the Sealpac A series.

EasyLid® is a joint development of Sealpac GmbH and Naber Plastics BV


Optimally presented in shape and color

Colored or transparent, angular, oval or partitioned and,

on request, printed with in-mold label – the patented

PP Mono EasyLid® cups, alternatively equipped with EVOH barrier,

can be individually adjusted to your requirements.

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Naber Plastics B.V. is our official partner regarding EasyLid®.

Bring your product now attractively into focus.

Revolutionize your cooling shelf with EasyLid®.

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